The Team

The team at Spearman Aerospace is made of dedicated professionals from five different nationalities, all united by the dedication for their work.

The key figures in the organization chart are:

Urio Zanetti: President and CEO

Urio has more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace market. He worked for the major Italian Aerospace Corporation Aeritalia (formed by the merger of Fiat Aviazione and Aerfer in 1969) and later Alenia Aeronautica part Finmeccanica Group. Urio also previously ran a successful US based manufacturing company.

Jose Gonzalez: Quality Manager

Jose has more than 30 years of experience as quality manager in the aerospce sector. He is fully dedicated to maintaining the necessary high standards of teh quality process that Spearman Aerospace provides its clients.

Together with the contributions of our highly skilled employees, combining more than 20 strong, Spearman Aerospace is able to tackle any of the challenges presented to us by the highly dynamic aerospace environment.