Production Floor Equipment

Spearman Aerospace’s quality production equipment includes:
  • Hwacheon Vesta 1000 equipped with Kitagawa NR250 4th axis
  • Hwacheon Vesta 1000 (2 units)
  • Hwacheon Sirius 550S
  • Matsuura MX-330 full 5 Axis
  • Matsuura MX-330 full 5 Axis equipped with Trinity Robotics Automation AX-3, 45 pallets for lights off operation
  • Matsuura MX-330 full 5 Axis with PC10 pallet charger for lights off operation   play video
  • Doosan DNM 750 L II
  • Doosan DNM 500 II
  • Doosan DNM 5700 (3 units )
  • Doosan DNM 350/5AX
  • Doosan DNM 200/5AX
  • Doosan Horizontal Machine NHP 4000 – B Axis
  • Hwacheon HT 200A AI Turning Center
  • Hwacheon HT 350A Horizontal Turning Center – Twin Spindle – Live Tool
  • Doosan Puma GT2600 Horizontal Turning Center
Spearman’s policy is to constantly upgrade and expand its hardware and manufacturing capabilities in order to meet both the growth in demand and client’s special requirements.